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Turkey Tuesday: A look back at the history at Q2

Turkey Tuesday: A look back at the history of the event
Posted at 2:34 PM, Nov 13, 2023
and last updated 2023-11-14 09:44:19-05

BILLINGS — The holiday season is approaching, and Q2's Turkey Tuesday is coming up on Nov. 14 to gather donations of turkeys, non-perishable food items, unwrapped toys or money to benefit Family Service and Toys for Tots this year.

The event has been a part of Q2's history for at least 25 years, and it's gone through many changes during that time. This year brings organizers' biggest goal of 1,500 turkeys donated.

The exact date when the event started is unknown, but Q2's records date back to 1997 when Monty Wallis was the general manager at the station and the event was called the Holiday Food Challenge.

Turkey Tuesday: A look back at the history of the event
Former Q2 general manager Monty Wallis was interviewed in 1998 for the Holiday Food Challenge.

“Q2’s always been a station that tried to help the community, and at that time, it looked like a great opportunity to do a food challenge,” Wallis said. “People could go to a local grocery store, buy some food, drop it off at a bin at the store, or they could come here to the KTVQ parking lot and drop it off during the food challenge.”

Throughout the years, the labeled grocery bags were left behind, the grocery store locations were changed to MasterLube locations for donation drop-offs and the name eventually transitioned to Turkey Tuesday around 2006.

Turkey Tuesday: A look back at the history of the event

What has always remained the same throughout the years is the dedication to give back to the community.

“It was a great idea then and it’s a great idea now," Wallis said. "It’s always a great feeling to help someone and when people are in need, television is a great way to help them.”

Turkey Tuesday: A look back at the history of the event

Q2 is partnering with Family Service for the first time, a nonprofit that helps thousands of people with food, clothing, rent and utilities.

“When we all come together, that’s when we make this huge impact on the community and help so many people overcome food insecurity and have a magical holiday,” said Family Service Development Director Felicia Burg. “Means the world to us. We cannot do this without the community working together and working with us.”

Click here to donate online to Turkey Tuesday.