Hailey Monaco

Multimedia Journalist

Hello! I’m Hailey Monaco.

I was born and raised in Billings, MT. In 2017 I made the move to Missoula to attend the University of Montana’s School of Journalism. The move seemed far away and scary after living in Billings my entire life, but it ended up being a great decision.

During my four years at UM getting a degree in Broadcast Journalism, I fell more in love with reporting and storytelling than I ever could have imagined.

You may notice there’s another Monaco name on the Q2 News Staff page. That would be my dad who has worked at the station for longer than I’ve been alive! I’ve been in and around Q2 for as long as I can remember, always being fascinated by the behind-the-scenes work that goes into the shows and the talented people in front of the cameras.

I knew from very early on that I wanted to work in journalism after growing up around it. While in Missoula the opportunity came up to apply to work at Q2, the station that I’ve always known and loved here in Billings, so I had to jump on it. And now, here I am! Excited to report locally and share the stories of my hometown.


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