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Timeline: The life and death of the moose in Billings

Posted at 4:36 PM, Dec 02, 2022

A young moose spent nearly two months hanging out in a Billings neighborhood before it was euthanized Thursday by state wildlife agents.

Here's a timeline of the moose's activities in town.

Oct. 8

Laura Porter spots a young bull moose in a field near the Zoo Drive exit off Interstate 90. She tells Q2 she wasn't sure what the animal was at first glance.

"I came over that hill coming towards the Zoo Drive exit, and I saw this big black thing in the field. I thought this has got to be either a cow or a bear, but it was so big."

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Moose on the loose in Billings

Oct. 13

The moose moves into the area of 15th Street West and Avenue D where security video at the Alliance Resource Center shows the moose run past a man sitting on a bench. The moose can be seen passing within inches of the man, who was unaware of the large animal until it nearly ran into him.

The moose "comes up between these trees, kind of does a roundabout here, a loop,” said Sue Bailey, the center's director. “He looked around this way and then he went right through that space with the bench and the light post. He fit right through there and continued down the sidewalk we think until about halfway through the parking lot, headed out that way, went right past our bus and down the sidewalk."

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Moose charges past man in Billings

Oct. 25

The moose settles into a north-central Billings neighborhood, concerning some residents.

“We’d really like him to be transported to an area where he’s safe, and everyone else will be safe after he ages,” one resident said.

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Moose still in Billings city limits

Oct. 31

It's trick-or-treat time for the moose.

The moose remains in the same general residential area over Halloween, causing some concern for young children who might encounter the large animal while out trick or treating.

"With kids and people in the neighborhood, that moose could get upset about anything and then end up hurting somebody," one resident said. 

Some residents also say the moose appears to have been injured.

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Billings trick-or-treaters stay alert for moose

Nov. 11

The moose has been in town for a month, and wildlife officials say they are satisfied that he poses little threat and are hoping the animal will leave town on his own.

“He has access to food and water. Again, it's a wild animal. We are hoping that that injury heals and that he's able to leave town,” FWP spokeswoman Chrissy Webb said.

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Wildlife officials stand by plan to let moose leave Billings 'on its own'

Nov. 28

A resident captures concerning video of the moose. The animal looks like it is struggling to walk.

“The poor thing, you know, you look out your window and there’s this moose crawling,” the resident said.

State wildlife officials begin closely monitoring the moose, but one official said animals have incredible abilities to overcome adversity “as long as they’re still mobile.”

But at least one resident wondered if the animal will be capable of leaving town on its own, which had been FWP’s hope since day one.

“Pretty soon he’s going to end up dead back here.”

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An update to the Billings moose on the loose

Dec. 1

State wildlife officials announce they have euthanized the moose.

The moose was in poor health and struggled to walk, wildlife officials said.

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Billings moose euthanized