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Sheridan contractors planning rebuild of home destroyed in standoff

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Posted at 9:26 PM, Feb 19, 2024

SHERIDAN, Wyo. - The Sheridan community is coming togetherto rebuild a homeon the corner of North Sheridan Avenue and East Sixth Street that was destroyed in a standoff last week.

The city has condemned it and says its structure is unsafe, and “No Trespassing” signs warn people to stay off the property because it is so dangerous.

Some contractors and others in the community held meetings at the Best Western Motel on Monday evening.

“Thank you so much,” Karo Hamilton, who owns the home, said to the contractors. “Obviously means the world.”

Hamilton thanked the 30 to 50 contractors who will donate their skills to build in her new home.

Her home was destroyed during the 30-hour standoff that ended when law enforcement shot and killed the man who was barricaded inside, William Lowery.

On this day the community looked for ways to help.

“She's not getting anybody to cover it, said Lindsay Aman, who works for Morley Construction. “So the community's kind of stepped up and offered their goodwill.”

And they also rememberSgt. Nevada Krinkee, who was delivering a trespassing warrant at another home, where Sheridan police say he was fatally shot by the suspect before he barricaded himself in the home.

“You have the loss of the police officer and the tragedy and the impact that certainly had on the community and the police department,” said Brian Day, a heating and air conditioning contractor. “And then you have another whole situation where a house was suddenly destroyed.”

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One Sheridan man has already helped by finding some personal belongings.

Hamilton was not ready to comment yet on the community outpouring, but Brock Ramsay has spoken with her.

“I recovered some family photos for her,” Ramsay said. “She sounds like she's just starting to realize what's happened. She's just starting to focus on what she needs to do in order to recover from this.”

Ramsay is a Sheridan business owner who says he will try to help out the builders and other ways.

“We need to band together to get through tough times like this, especially in such a small and confined community,” Ramsay said.

“It's wonderful to see,” Aman said. “It’s heart-wrenching. Gets you a little choked up.”

Jeremiah Morley, Aman’s boyfriend, brought all the contractors together.

Morley says the demolition of the home will start on Wednesday. But expects that it may take about two months before construction will start.

“I've had some luck over the last couple of years,” said Day. “And a lot of other people haven't had that luck. It's time for me to give it back as much as I can."