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Effort launched to rebuild Sheridan home destroyed during standoff

Hamilton's home in Sheridan following the standoff
Posted at 5:43 PM, Feb 15, 2024
and last updated 2024-02-16 14:29:22-05

SHERIDAN — After a police officer was killed and a home destroyed in a 30-hour standoff earlier this week, residents in Sheridan are organizing to rebuild at no cost.

Hamilton's home in Sheridan following the standoff
Hamilton's home in Sheridan following the standoff

Above is the home of Karo Hamilton.

"It will have to be bulldozed and rebuilt from the ground up,” said Rachael Trueblood, the niece of Hamilton, on Thursday. "She’s going to have to relocate for the time being."

The decision to damage the home by law enforcement wasn’t made lightly. It came Wednesday, after a 30-hour standoff with a suspect, identified as William Lowery, who was accused of shooting and killing Sheridan Police Sgt. Nevada Krinkee on Tuesday.

"I downloaded the scanner app just so I could kind of hear what was going on," Trueblood said. "I didn’t stop listening, I don’t think, at any time during this entire thing."

Rachael Trueblood
Rachael Trueblood

Hamilton was an innocent party in the chaos. Her house is a complete loss. Trueblood says her grandmother, Hamilton's mother, also lives in the home—and was there when the suspect broke in.

"William barricaded himself in the basement. My grandma was upstairs,” Trueblood said. “We just want to send out condolences to the Krinkee family and also the Lowery family. From everything that I’ve heard, this is not within his character. So it’s just like, whatever happened, we just want to send out all the condolences we can."

Luckily, her grandmother escaped.

“There was concern about her animals still being in the house during all of this. Both dogs are now accounted for though, I just want to say that," Trueblood said. "The cops found Mia in the house and we got her home. Willie was turned into the animal shelter this morning. So all family members are now accounted for and safe."

Now, community members have offered to rebuild the home at no cost.

"I cannot even begin to describe the amount of gratitude for everyone just stepping up and helping out,” said Trueblood.

Steve Leonard is the founder and co-owner of A-Line Roofing and Exteriors, which has offered to cover some of the materials and labor for the rebuild.

Steve Leonard
Steve Leonard

"It’s pretty amazing to see the effect it’s had on everybody. Citizens, businesses, and just the outpouring of support has been incredible,” Leonard said on Thursday. "The community’s been so amazing to my company. It’s the absolute least we could do. To reach out and try to help as much as possible. And it’s not just us, there’s so many people looking for a way to help."

Leonard found out about the efforts through Tim Bork, the general manager of Knecht Home Center, which is also donating materials.

"(People are donating) all the labor to rebuild her home. I've got two contractors already. One’s going to build the house, and the other ones are going to side and roof it and stuff like that," Bork said. "We’ve had some of our vendors willing to donate lumber already and donate siding and just all kinds of things."

Bork says many making donations don’t even know the victim.

"I don’t know her personally, we’re just helping out," Bork said. "It’s amazing how everybody comes together."

Tim Bork
Tim Bork

The community just wants to help in any way they can.

“It was a very unfortunate event that happened. It’s sad on both sides. Why things like this happen, we don’t know. But it’s just, like I said, amazing that everybody can come together and just help one another," Bork said. "I mean, we’re like a big, happy family, for the most part."

It's something Hamilton's family will forever be grateful for.

"It’s not even 24 hours after the end of all this, and like literally, this house is going to be rebuilt at no cost to my aunt," Trueblood said. "And so I just, thank you so much, Sheridan. And surrounding communities. And all the cops that showed up and showed out for our community. It’s just really overwhelming. So thank you."

Breaking into Hamilton's home
Breaking into Hamilton's home

Trueblood had a list of individuals and businesses she wanted to thank:

"I just want to thank Morley Construction for taking the lead on this. They have coordinated all of these people, and all of these people have really stepped up. I would just like to say thank you to Morley Construction, Knecht Home Center and Tim Bork, ALC Universal and Ron Kukal for HVAC. Taylor Willett for electrical. Scott McCollum for roofing and insulation. Vacutech and Joey Sidletsky for cleanup and donations. Clemens Exterior for gutters, A Plus for plumbing, A-Line Roofing. We’re still looking for an engineer, so if someone wants to fill that role, it would be greatly appreciated."

For those interested in helping out, Trueblood offered a few ways to do so:

"First Federal Bank and Trust here in Sheridan, Wyoming. Checks can be made out to Karo Hamilton and mailed to First Federal at 671 Illinois Street, Sheridan, Wyoming, 82801. Or, PO Box 6007. Also, money can be Venmo’d for those of you that don’t use checks to @Karo-Hamilton, and the last 4 of her phone number is 8765."

Lastly, a meeting is scheduled for Monday in Sheridan for those interested in assisting.

“There will be a meeting at the Best Western here in town on Monday the 19th at 5 o’clock for contractors. And then 5:30 will be open to the public. Anyone that wants to help coordinate more assistance," Trueblood said. "We do know that some of the surrounding properties were damaged in the process of this, so if anyone wants to step forward to help coordinate some of that, we’ll all be at the Best Western on Monday."

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