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'He did everything:' Sheridan chief lauds fallen Sgt. Nevada Krinkee before funeral

Posted at 5:43 PM, Feb 29, 2024

The community of Sheridan is gearing up for fallen Sgt. Nevada Krinkee's funeral service, which starts Friday at 1 p.m. at the Burce Hoffman Golden Dome located on the Sheridan College campus.

"From the onset, it was obvious that he was someone that only ever wanted to serve," said Sheridan Police Chief Travis Koltiska, who spoke publicly Thursday for the first time about Krinkee. "He did everything he could to make this the best community he could."

Krinkee was shot and killed trying to enforce a trespassing citation two weeks ago, which led to a nearly 30-hour stand-off in which the suspect, William Lowery, had barricaded himself inside a home. Eventually, law enforcement destroyed the home and shot and killed Lowery when he attempted to flee.

On Friday, the Sheridan community will have one last chance to remember Krinkee and thank him for his service. The funeral will include a lengthy procession, with law enforcement agencies from all over the country expected to partake.

Koltiska said it'll be a day full of emotions, but Krinkee deserves a hero's send-off. He added that his impacts on the department will be felt long after he's gone.

Krinkee's wife Karla is a corporal with the department.

"He gave us everything," Koltiska said. "He gave the community, he gave his family and he gave this department everything, every day."

That love is on full display in the police department lawn. A memorial was formed immediately following his death, where residents brought flowers, notes, balloons, and other items to be placed on Krinkee's car. The items have continued to pour in the past two weeks.

"I can't even describe that," Koltiska said of how much the department will miss Krinkee. "I don't think he'll ever be able to be replaced."

Many law enforcement agencies feel the same way, and they will be in attendance and a part of the procession on Friday. Among them will be Whatcom County Detective Eric Brown, who drove the 15 hours from Washington to pay his respects.

"It's important to show up for your brother and sisters and just be here," Brown said. "It's a tragedy and people are grieving. I think humans just need other humans to show up and just be there for them."

Brown said the lengthy drive was never going to deter him from supporting his law enforcement family and that he's been amazed at how supportive the Sheridan community is.

"It's incredible to see and I've only been here for a short few hours, but it seems like you have a great community here that supports law enforcement," Brown said.

Protecting that community is a big reason why Koltiska is doing his best to help the department move on. He said Krinkee will be kept in mind every step of the way.

"We will continue to move forward," Koltiska said. "We owe it to our community, and we owe it to each other. We're constantly looking for the person that fits the mold that Nevada created. That's how I look at it. He created a mold and we need to try and find out how to replicate that."