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Q2 Weather: This might be the last week of the summer weather in Billings area

Posted at 3:06 PM, Oct 04, 2020
and last updated 2020-10-04 18:13:32-04

BILLINGS — Forecast

Sunday afternoon:

70’s and 80’s across much of the state and region.

Still a Red Flag Fire Warning in effect for much of central Montana until 9 p.m. This is caused by the high temps, low humidity and winds gusting up to 40 mph in some spots.

Smoke and haze back in the area today from those western wildfires in California. Though, air quality still remains in the good category for much of the state and northern Wyoming. This is largely thanks to the winds, which are relatively steady around 10 mph here in the city, with the occasional gust above 20 mph.

Tonight, a small cold front moves in from Canada, but the cold will not be near where it normally is this time of year.


A little cooler, but temps still comfortably in the ’0s for the region.

Smoke and haze starts to move out of our area.

Warm, dry and clear.

Tuesday – Sunday:

Temps will be above normal, fluctuating between 70s and 80s. Sunny almost every day.

Smoke and haze may come back into the area on Thursday. As long as those fires are burning in California, we are going to keep getting their smoke.

Also, because it will be so warm and dry, there is potential throughout the week for Red Flag Fire Warnings and Watches to pop up, but as of right now, things are looking very summer-like.

Sunday could see temps drop back into the low 60's and we may even see some rain. This could be the end of that summer like weather. But fall is cool, right?

Have a great week everyone and stay safe.