Smoke & Haze, Warm and Dry the Next Several Days

Air Quality May Be Poor
Posted at 4:40 PM, Sep 12, 2020
and last updated 2020-09-12 18:40:20-04

BILLINGS — Forecast

Today and Tomorrow: High pressure has been building in the region and will continue to build through out the rest of the weekend and into the start of next week.

Skies will continue to become smokier and hazier as air flow brings the smoke and hazy into our state from the wildfires in California, Oregon and Washington.

Air Quality warnings already in place for Washington and Idaho. Warnings may come with the smoke as it moves east into MT.

Temps in the 80’s both days. Temps in the 50’s both Saturday and Sunday night.

Monday: Smokier and hazier conditions continue, further drying out the region.

Fire Weather Watch’s in effect for all of Central MT and for all of Northern WY and even parts of SD.

Temps into the 90’s. Low Humidity. Winds could be gusting up to 30 mph.

Note: Most fires are started by people, so Monday especially, avoid burning anything, be careful with cigarettes and secure chains on trailers.

Monday Night: Temps back into the 50’s. Dry cold front moves into the region but will bring only slightly cooler conditions Tuesday.

Tuesday: Still dry with temps into the mid 80’s, but Tuesday night another cool front moves in from Canada.

Wednesday: Temps back into the 70’s and we may even see an isolated shower or two across the region.

Thursday and Friday: Dryer, with temps back up into the 80’s. We might start seeing some showers push into Western MT on Friday night and those may bring more sustained showers on Saturday.