Record-Breaking Warm Temps Possible Monday...

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Posted at 3:03 PM, Dec 06, 2020
and last updated 2020-12-06 17:03:51-05

BILLINGS — Full Forecast

Current Conditions (Sunday as of 3:00pm):

High pressure sticking with us and will be here for the next few days. That keeps us warm and dry for a little bit.

Temps into the low to mid 50’s and mid to upper 40’s in most areas across our region. Some places like Sheridan, WY are above 60 degrees at the moment.

No official warnings as of yet, but the weather the next few days brings with it fire concerns. Dry conditions, warmer temps and breezy conditions. Please use cause with fire the next several days.

Air Stagnation Advisory still in effect for parts of western Montana; Missoula, Kalispell, Libby. This advisory has been extended from now till 11am Tuesday. Some pollution in the air is sitting in the valleys with little to no wind to push it out. Folks with respiratory illness should be aware.


Cool and clear. Temps into the 20’s for most of us.

Winds start to pick up a bit overnight in Livingston, Nye, Big Timber and Harlowton areas.

Tomorrow (Monday):

Much of the same. Warm temps into the high 50’s. Sunny, Dry and breezy.

Record highs could be possible throughout the region on Monday.

Records for Dec. 7th. Billings - 60 degrees set back in 1939. Livingston - 54 degrees set in 1981. Miles City - 57 set in 2019/2015. Sheridan, WY - 62 set in 1970.

Winds are likely to be strong from Big timber to Harlowton. Winds could be gusting 35 to 45 mph. Livingston will likely see some of these high winds as well. In and around Billings, we could see gusts up to 25 mph. No advisories or warnings have been issued as of yet however.

In North Western Montana around Great Falls, there is a High Wind Watch from 10am Monday till 5pm Tuesday. Winds will be between 30 to 40 mph with near 65 mph gusts. There could even be a few areas that see 75 mph gusts. This could make travel difficult. Please be careful while driving, especially a high profile vehicle.

Temps 20's and 30's overnight Monday in our region.

Tuesday - Sunday:

Well above average for the start of the week. Sunny, breezy and dry though Wednesday, with temps in the low to mid 50’s. We could see temps at 62 on Tuesday.

Cool off starts Wednesday night, however. Temps will drop into the low 40’s and then into 30’s by Friday.

Precipitation in the region is possible Wednesday night – Friday morning in the form of snow in the higher elevations and a wintry mix for the lower elevations. Right now, it is looking to be a 20% chance of precipitation in the 48 hour window. Heavy accumulations of any kind are not expected, but it will start to feel a lot more like winter and December.

Have a great week everyone!