Not A Bad Looking Week Ahead

Temps will be mild and above average
Posted at 2:55 PM, Nov 21, 2020
and last updated 2020-11-21 16:55:32-05

BILLINGS — Full Forecast

Current Conditions:

Temps in the mid to upper 40’s for most of us. It feels a little colder because of the wind. The Jet Stream from Canada has moved south to say hello and is bringing with it gusts over 30 MPH.


Winds will die down. Temps will drop down into the teens and 20’s for most of us. Cold and clear.

Tomorrow (Sunday):

Temps will continue to stay in the mid 40’s across much of the region. Winds will be breezy, but not nearly as gusty as today. Overall it will be mild.


Temps will be above average for the next several days, rising into the mid to upper 40’s. Winds maybe gusting a bit on Tuesday, but we should see a lot of sun out there.

Thursday, Thanksgiving, will be in the low 40’s and partly cloudy, prefect turkey eating weather.