Mild in MT, But A Lot of Snow in WY

Billings 7 Day
Posted at 3:34 PM, Mar 14, 2021
and last updated 2021-03-14 17:34:18-04

BILLINGS — Full Forecast:

Headlines/Current Conditions (As of 3:00pm Sunday)

Partly cloudy skies, with winds around 20 mph. Temps in the mid 50’s in and around the Magic City.

Clear on the radar for much of Montana, but to our south in Wyoming and Colorado, there is a major snowstorm that is supposed to last through Monday bringing with it several feet around Denver and several inches as far as Northern WY and Southeastern MT.

For Southeastern and South-central MT, along the MT/WY border there is a Hazardous Weather Outlook in effect through tonight. There is a chance of light rain and or snow. Cold and wet conditions could make travel tricky.

Winter Weather Advisories along the MT/WY border from now till 12pm Monday for the Northeastern Bighorn Mountains, Story and Sheridan WY. Could see anywhere from 2-4 inches in Sheridan to 5-10 inches in the Bighorns. Roads may be slick. Please use extra caution if you are traveling in this area.

A little further south of the MT/WY border, there are Winter Storm Warnings in effect from till 12am Monday. Could see additional accumulations of 3 to 6” and possibly more in the higher elevations. Winds gusting up to 35 mph. Roads may be slippery or even impassable. Please use caution.

Blizzard Warnings are also in effect along the WY, SD and NE boarders till Monday 6am. Could see 1 to 2 Feet of snow total, with winds gusting up to 60 mph.


Partly Cloudy with temps in the lower 30’s.

Again, Northern Wyoming and Southern MT are under both Hazardous Weather Outlooks for rain and snow, and several areas are under Winter Weather Advisories and Warnings until Monday at noon.

Tomorrow (Monday):

In the upper 40’s to low to mid 50’s for most of eastern Montana with Partly Cloudy skies.

The tail end of the storm system could be moving some moisture into Southeastern MT and Northeastern WY in the overnight hours. Possibly a rain/snow mix with accumulations in the higher elevations.

Tuesday – Sunday:

Sort of a mild week head, except for Tuesday.

Again, we could see some of the ruminates of that big snowstorm blow into the Billings area Monday night/ Tuesday morning bringing with it not only chilly temps in the 30’s, but with a chance of rain and or snow. If it is snow, accumulations are expected to be around an inch at most for the lower elevations, 3 inches possible in the foothills and over 6 inches possible in the mountains.

Any snow on the ground won’t stay long however, temps pick back up into the low to mid 60’s by next weekend.

Have a good week everyone and Happy St. Patrick's Day! - Chris