'Somebody Feed Phil' serves up heart, soul and laughs

Season 4 Now Streaming on Netflix
Posted at 5:53 AM, Nov 02, 2020
and last updated 2020-11-02 11:20:01-05

BILLINGS — If you are looking for a great show to watch right now and a show that is going to make you laugh, smile and even feel a little hungry, try a serving of Somebody Feed Phil on Netflix.

Phil Rosenthal was the creator of the CBS sitcom Everybody Loves Raymond and since that show wrapped in 2005, Rosenthal has been traveling the nation and the world sharing food and laughs with people from all walks of life.

“Food is the great connector,” said Rosenthal. “That's what I always say, food is the great connector. And then for me, laughs are the cement. Because when we share a meal, at least we’re not fighting. We're eating. And no matter where you go on Earth, people have to eat. So we understand that. It's very relatable. That's the thing that connects us. We all got to eat.”

In the past three seasons, Rosenthal has enjoyed meals in places like New York City, Venice, London, New Orleans and Lisbon, just to name a few. And season four is lining up to be a feast for the mind, body and soul in Rio de Janeiro, San Francisco, Singapore, the Mississippi Delta, and Hawaii.

Rosenthal realizes how lucky he is to be able to go to these places and eat the things that he does. Growing up in New York City in the 1960’s, Rosenthal’s family didn’t have much by way of money and the food they ate was whatever was cheap, easy and fast. He had never even tasted garlic till he went to college. When he did start expanding his pallet and trying more foods however, Rosenthal said his world changed.

“It’s like in the Wizard of Oz,” he says. “When the door opens and now the movie is in color, that’s what it was like for me.”

Rosenthal is a big proponete of not just trying different foods, but traveling the world and experiencing other cultures. He says it has changed his life for the better. He is also excited to get back out on the road once the pandemic is over and encourages people to start planning trips now, to have something fun to look forward to. He even hinted that he was seriously looking at coming to Montana and Wyoming if they get a season five.

Seasons 1 – 4 of Somebody Feed Phil are now streaming on Netflix. Try one episode and you’ll come back for seconds.