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Helena clinic only Planned Parenthood of Montana location offering surgical abortions

Billings clinic location closed for building repairs
Posted at 7:16 AM, Aug 26, 2022
and last updated 2022-08-26 11:16:24-04

With near-total abortion bans now in effect in Texas, Tennessee, Idaho and Oklahoma, Montana could see more women traveling to the state to seek abortions.

In the neighboring states of Wyoming and Idaho, the procedure is also nearly completely banned. However, Idaho can only partially enforce its ban after a federal judge said the state cannot prosecute when an abortion is performed in a medical emergency.

North Dakota was set to enact its abortion ban, but a judge blocked it pending a legal challenge.

The abortion fight continues in Montana, too.

Earlier in August of this year, Gov. Greg Gianforte asked the Montana Supreme Court to reconsider its stance on protected abortion in the state. Planned Parenthood is challenging the constitutionality of several anti-abortion bills passed by the legislature in Montana courts.

Planned Parenthood officials in Montana and CEO Martha Fuller say they have not seen much change in volume in terms of patients being served.

The organization also confirmed the Billings Heights clinic location is currently closed for building maintenance, meaning the only Planned Parenthood of Montana location currently offering surgical abortions is in Helena.

The Planned Parenthood of Montana clinic on the Billings West End offers medical abortions, also known as the abortion pill. Additionally, the clinic offers family planning and reproductive health services.

Officials said they do not have a timeline for reopening the Heights clinic, but said they plan to open it as soon as possible.