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Brace yourself: Montana temperatures take a dive with upcoming wind chill

Forecast predicts -49 in Billings on Thursday morning
Posted at 1:17 PM, Dec 19, 2022
and last updated 2022-12-19 15:20:35-05

BILLINGS - It's about to get very cold over the next couple of days due to a big blast of arctic air sinking in from the north.

Daytime highs will be below zero/single digits Monday through Thursday with Wednesday aiming to be the coldest day of the week.

Nighttime lows will be below zero through Thursday night with Thursday morning forecast to be the coldest of the week.

These are the actual temperatures, but how cold will it feel if you step outside? That would be the Wind Chill.

As defined by the National Weather Service, Wind Chill is a term used to describe what the air temperature feels like to the human skin due to the combination of cold temperatures and winds blowing on exposed skin.

In simple terms, the colder the air temperature and the higher the wind speeds the colder it will feel on your skin if you're outside.

Your body has a layer of insulating heat around it. When it's windy, the moving air break ups that layer leaving your skin exposed. This helps speed up heat loss making it feel much colder.