Miller Robson

Q2 Meteorologist

They beat me up weekly, but I kept going back for more… and so began my odd journey to becoming a meteorologist.

The beginning of my broadcasting career started in a ring in Columbus, Georgia, in 1988 when I debuted as a professional wrestler, my chosen trade that would last on and off for the next 15 years. For a 15-year-old kid, it was a rough go at first as the bigger guys would usually leave me black and blue, but I kept at it and finally found my niche.

miller robson.jpg
Miller Robson as a 19-year-old professional wrestler.

During my travels as a grappler that took me as far as Australia, I did countless radio and television interviews. Sometimes I felt that was the best part of the job, so much so that I often thought I'd like to try my hand at being a radio deejay once my time as a wrestler came to an end.

A serious hip injury cut short my wrestling days and, as luck would have it, an opportunity to do radio at a country music station presented itself. So I jumped at the chance. My first job was to play countdown shows on CDs during weekends. From there, I worked my way up to be the host of a number one morning show.

Fourteen years later, I transitioned to television, where I eventually landed a job as a morning news co-anchor and weather forecaster. I instantly fell in love with weather and knew that’s what I wanted to devote the rest of my career to. After earning my certification from Mississippi State University, I was promoted to chief meteorologist.

Moving to Montana was a dream 20 years in the making and I was so excited to finally bring my family (my lovely wife Suzi and my three beautiful daughters) to the Treasure State. It's been a wonderful adventure so far. I absolutely love the area and the people and look forward to calling Billings home for many years to come.

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