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Wyoming 4-year-old makes progress in her recovery after battling brain injury

Serafina and Anastasia
Posted at 8:44 PM, Jun 29, 2024

SHERIDAN — A four-year-old Sheridan, Wyoming girl is now able to move and speak after falling out of a two-story window earlier this month, landing her in a nine-day coma.

Serafina Blue Day, also known as Fifi, was life-flighted to a Denver hospital after she fell out of a two-story window and landed head-first on below on the concrete on June 10. She was playing at a friend's house jumping on a bed near the window when she fell through the screen. This resulted in multiple injuries, including a traumatic brain injury.

Serafina injury
Serafina Blue Day suffered a traumatic brain injury after falling through a two-story window in Sheridan, Wyoming.

“I think, one of the most tragic things that you can experience as a parent,” said her mother, Anastasia Harbour.

Fifi made progress on June 20 when she came out of her coma and was able to squeeze her mom's hand and move slightly. But last week, she made even more progress as she can talk and move most of her limbs.

“The fact that she can talk and hear and see and move is a miracle in itself,” said Harbour.

Her mother has been by Blue Day's side the throughout the whole process and said she is recovering acceleratedly.

“According to the doctors, when they've seen kids with her injury, some of them don't wake up, and the ones that do take weeks and some of them don't speak, some of them can't move. Whereas she was kind of like a miracle. Cognitively, she understands everything,” said Harbour.

She has now been out of the ICU for a week, but recovery could take anywhere from six months to a year. It is uncertain whether or not some of her injuries will be life-long. Harbour is just grateful her daughter is progressing well.

“That was really an emotional, amazing experience because I didn't know if she ever would. I was prepared for that to be goodbye," said Harbour. “I got to see her open her eyes and in this hospital, I've seen so many parents that don't get that.”

While the road to recovery is long with an injured femur and neck and will have to relearn some motor functions, there have been glimpses of hope that she may one day be able to dance again.

“I feel like it's totally possible that her whole personality will come back. Before the accident, she was a performer. She loved to dance and to sing and to play and be funny. And I'm not ready to accept that that's gone yet,” said Harbour.

Serafina now
Serafina Blue Day waves with her mother, Anastasia Harbour. Blue Day has been out of the ICU for a week.

Harbour says she is grateful for all of the support from her community and accredits her faith as a motivator through a difficult time.

"I really do feel like that sense of community and encouragement and faith is what is making us all get through this. It's what's encouraging her because I genuinely do not feel like she'd be here if it wasn't for everyone praying," said Harbour.

The family is accepting donations through First Federal Bank, as they are prepping for spending months in the hospital while Fifi recovers.

You can donate by sending a check to the bank:

First Federal Bank & Trust
671 Illinois St.
Sheridan, WY 82801

You can also donate by calling Krystle Baumgartner at 307-675-4059 or by mailing a check or going to either branch in Sheridan, or wiring money directly.

Please use the name:
Shawn Day & Annie Harbour
FBO Serafina (Fifi) Blue Day