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'Why not do a second concept?': Billings restaurant owners open new pub grub spot

Pickup and delivery now available
Bearded Bulldog light projection
Posted at 3:57 PM, Mar 09, 2023
and last updated 2023-03-10 08:05:31-05

BILLINGS — A new pub grub spot has opened in Billings. This new concept has a catch—there aren't any tables or chairs.

Jen and Jason Marble opened The Marble Table, a restaurant in downtown Billings, in 2020. And this month, they've opened up a second spot in town— Bearded Bulldog, located at 2503 Montana Ave.

Marble Table started helping out Carter’s when we first opened. And so all the orders would come through to the Marble Table. You could get The Marble Table at Carter’s, but that is no more," Jen Marble said on Friday. "Now you can get Bearded Bulldog from Carter’s, Rainbow Bar, Thirsty Street, and Undammed for right now. I’ve always loved bar food, and so we thought why not do a second concept?"

Food from the Bearded Bulldog can be ordered online at and can be picked up at the kitchen or delivered to the four select locations: Carter's Brewery, Thirsty Street Brewing Company, Rainbow Bar, and Undammed Distilling. The hours of operation are Tuesday-Saturday from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m.

For delivery, the orders are taken on foot.

“All well-lit down here. So what I want people to understand is we would never bring you into a place we didn’t feel like you were safe, or have our own children down here working with us if it was not a safe area,” Marble said. "I do feel that if we’re all busy, and people are down here on Montana Avenue seeing how beautiful it is, how clean the streets are, and the difference that not only the shares have made, but all the rest of us that have this in mind.”

Shea Dawson, one of the owners of Thirsty Street, told MTN News on Friday he was thrilled about the new partnership.

“The Marbles are very talented. Beer and food are definitely a natural pairing. The opportunity for them to deliver here, and bring their expertise and cuisine to a pub like this, is something we can’t pass up. So I think it’s a great partnership,” Dawson said. “The quantities were really huge, which was great. The quality of the food was amazing. Showed up warm, it’s cold outside. I think they have it dialed in already."

And this partnership is bringing more options to local watering holes.

“We’ve always done like soft pretzels and chips and stuff like that. But we’ve never really gone with the restaurant model,” Dawson said.

According to Dawson, Thirsty Street offers live music and comedy nights mostly every Friday and Saturday. He encourages residents to check them out at 2123 1st Ave. N. Unit C and order from Bearded Bulldog while they're there.

“Come down and get your burger, get your sausages, get your beers, listen to some music. You’re going to love it," Dawson said. "Bearded Bulldog’s rolling out and they’re killing it so far. We’re happy they’re at Thirsty Street.”

Customers agree the food is delicious.

“We got the onion rings, the New Mexico burger, and some tater tots. They were wonderful. We’ve been looking for onion rings for years. And they were fantastic. Finally found some good ones,” said customer Vachelle Poetoehena on Friday. “Their (website) is amazing. It was well-thought-out. Every detail was already there. Very easy to order, delivered immediately. It was fantastic."

And as for the service, Poetoehena said the Marbles are always wonderful.

“Perfect as always. (Jen is) fantastic. They’re great people. Love their food, love that they’re such good community people. It’s great to have them here,” Poetoehena said. “I can’t wait to try out the rest of the menu."

And for pick-up orders, Marble said the process is simple.

"They can pick the time they want to pick up their order. That’s where they come in through that backdoor. We have their order ready for them when they say they would like it ready. So it’s right on their time, which is wonderful. It should be pretty easy for people driving home from work," Marble said. “It is kind of a speakeasy. Come in through the backdoor. Once you’re inside, just ring the doorbell, and we’ll help you with our order.”

The Marbles want to spread the word about the beauty found on Montana Avenue.

“The Historic Montana Avenue Association has been put together to make Montana Avenue beautiful. And bring it back to the way it was. When this first started, when Billings first came here," Marble said. "That’s what it’s all about. It’s about helping your neighbor. We know food, we can help you out. We’re not really sure where that’s going to go, but we’re willing to kind of be open to just about anything.”

Both The Marble Table and Bearded Bulldog are hiring for multiple positions and are accepting applications for qualified workers. And both the owners and customers are excited about the new venture.

"Things have kind of changed around a little bit from the concept we first had in mind, but we’re so excited to be here," Marble said. "And to be able to help out even more businesses.”

To learn more about Bearded Bulldog, click here.

“I definitely want to say thank you. You know, it means a lot to my husband and I. I don’t want to get very teary about it. But it really means the world that we get to share what we do," Marble said. "If that’s how we’re speaking with customers when they come in, or if it’s the food that our amazing staff is cooking, or a recipe that my husband being a fantastic chef has put together. It really means the world to us, and we can’t do it without the community’s help. And we feel so loved."