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Visit Billings launches Trailhead Treats Pass

Sweet way to check out Billings
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Posted at 3:12 PM, May 22, 2023
and last updated 2023-05-22 17:12:14-04

BILLINGS — Visit Billings is launching its Trailhead Treats Pass, a pretty sweet way to check out Billings for locals and tourists.

The cherry on top: the more stops you make, the sweeter the deals get with promos and “sweets-stakes.”

“We have a food scene that is second to none in our state, possibly our region,” boasts Luke Ashmore, Visit Billings special projects and program manager.

Tourism experts at Visit Billings say Billings is the perfect town for pairing treats with travels.

The first stop on the trail is Proof Donuts & Coffee on Billings West End, which serves gourmet donuts.

“It’s really easy to come here, pick up some donuts and hit the road if you’re going to go on a road trip,” Ashmore says as he takes a bite of a sprinkle-topped donut.

“Our Homer is probably one of the most popular since day one. Just cherry frosting, a bunch of sprinkles. Pretty simple,” says Jeremy Evans, donut engineer at Proof Donuts & Coffee. “Maple bacon bars are a big one. I forget about those because they are usually out the door before we even get them on the rack.”

The idea is to showcase businesses unique to Billings and their sugary delights by getting the Trailhead Treats Pass mobile link and cashing in on promos and sweets-stakes at nine stops.

Bernie's Diner in downtown Billings is another stop on the trail you don’t want to miss.

“When they walk in they see this whole counter behind me full of treats our pastry chef makes from scratch daily,” says Sarah Seltvedt, Bernie’s Diner executive chef/director of food and beverage.

“You’re going to see one of our huckleberry milkshakes very soon. And for those over 21, we can add shots of vodka or whiskey or whatever they want so we have boozy shakes available,” says Amber Foster, Bernie’s Diner kitchen manager and restaurant supervisor. “Breakfast is definitely a bigger hit with us, especially with tourists that come in and stay at the hotel. A lot of them will want earlier check out.”

Whatever you try, Visit Billings feels you can’t go wrong supporting local businesses. The pass concept has already proven to be successful along the Billings Brew Trail, implemented last year to highlight area breweries, according to Visit Billings.

“So with the brew pass last year we saw thousands of visitors sign up for that and go engage with those businesses,” says Ashmore. “Those visitors are more likely to visit five or more locations or all of them for that matter.”

To sign up for the Trailhead Treats Pass, visit this link.