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Suspect named in shooting on Billings Rims

Rims Shooting
Posted at 10:29 AM, Sep 18, 2022

Two teens were shot on the rims Saturday morning at about 3:45 am and rushed to the hospital to treat serious injuries.

Authorities have taken custody of Nathan Pretty Weasel as the suspect with the investigation ongoing. The report said the victims are a 17-year-old girl and an 18-year-old man.

This shooting is just another example of the tumultuous summer full of violent crimes Billings has faced, and with lots of these incidents involving teens and guns, parents in the area like Erika Beasel are concerned.

“It is scary for our youth right now. As a parent, you have that concern of is it safe for your kids to be out,” Beasel said.

In this particular instance, Beasel is not surprised by the location of the shooting. She has noticed the rims becoming full of homeless people and garbage. It has also became a place for teenagers to consume alcohol.

“I look at the rims as a landmark. When people come to Billings, that’s just a great place to go to look over our city. I’m just wondering how things can change so we can have that place be a landmark again,” Beasel said.

Earlier this week,three teens were charged with the shooting death of Khoen Parker and Police Chief Rich St. John spoke about the recent trend in teen crime.

“We have delinquent behavior, we have dropouts, we have dysfunctional homelife. If we could get a handle on that socially, then it would help us out on situations like this,” St. John said.

Beasel said she understood how much the Billings Police Department does for the community, but hopes that some attention will be put into restoring the rims.

“I know that they have a lot to do. I would just really love to see the rims just kind of be monitored a little bit more,” Beasel said.

And with every tragic incident involving kids, parents like Beasel are left wondering why.

“I feel I have a responsibility as a parent. So, when I see some of these things going on with younger kids I’m just like, ‘why aren’t you kids home? What are you doing out?” Beasel said.