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Owners of new Brazilian Steakhouse hoping to find success in Billings

Caress Brazilian Steakhouse
Posted at 5:59 PM, Aug 29, 2022
and last updated 2022-08-29 20:16:28-04

BILLINGS — Many local restaurants seem to be struggling with rising supply costs and worker shortages. But a new family-owned Brazilian steak house is taking the risk, opening in Billings at a time when others are struggling to keep their doors open.

“We’re determined to open this restaurant. Nothing is standing in our way right now,” said Rebecca Singer, co-owner of Carverss Brazilian Steakhouse, on Monday.

Singer and co-owner Bruno Scalco know the challenges that lie before them. Food prices have skyrocketed. So have real estate prices and construction costs.

“I mean the price of everything went up,” Singer said.

The 7,168-square-foot building cost $1.9 million to build, according to permits filed with the city of Billings.

Another challenge hovering over restaurant owners? A labor shortage that has forced other Billings establishments to close for good.

The National Restaurant Association reported an estimated 90,000 restaurants shut down during the first year of the pandemic, with many more since then.

“Pandemic, staffing, I think every owner of not only restaurants, every business is having the tough time, right, the challenge,” said Scalco.

But the owners of Carverss Brazilian Steakhouse are confident they have what it takes to be successful.

Singer and Scalco are cousins and are both from Brazil. Singer moved to Billings 18 years ago and Scalco moved to Billings 10 years ago.

They have not started hiring the 40 employees they anticipate needing. But they have the five family members they brought to Billings to work with them.

“You get your family that has experience in this field and at the same time, I brought my family to live in the same city as me. Finally,” said Singer.

Singer hopes Carverss, which is next door to By All Means Brewing on South 24th Street West, will open to the public in late October.

It's a new place for Billings residents to dine, in a city where new restaurant openings are far and few between.

“Of course, there’s always, you get anxious and worried. But we’re positive and we’re sure it’s going to be a success,” Scalco said.