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Livingston business aims to help homeowners stay on top of maintenance tasks

Malachi and Rebekah Buti demonstrate how to remove air vent cover
Posted at 6:20 PM, Nov 07, 2022
and last updated 2022-11-08 09:32:18-05

LIVINGSTON — It's like Carfax, but for your house.

Home Manager, a Livingston-based company, offers a subscription for homeowners that helps them stay on top of home maintenance tasks.

For $8 a month, subscribers are sent monthly maintenance checklists and tutorial videos.

After completing the checklist, subscribers then send them back. If the subscriber's insurance is partnered with Home Manager, they could eventually see a discount on their rate.

MTN News spoke with a husband-and-wife pair of Home Manager content creators on Monday about their role in the company.

Malachi and Rebekah Buti bought their first home in Livingston a few years ago.

“When we first bought our house, we had had it for a couple of years, and we thought we knew all of the stuff," Rebekah explains. "Then when we started doing Home Manager we were like, 'Oh, I didn’t know to do this or this.'”

The Butis work part time for Home Manager creating all of the tutorial videos.

“I would’ve loved to have somebody been like, 'Here, use this tool to keep up with your home,' because it would’ve helped us so much at the start,” Malachi explains.

The Butis say they are grateful to create these videos and show how easy some of these tasks can be.

And performing these tasks on your own could mean extra money in your pocket.

“The main thing is to keep your house safe from fire and water damage, and keeping it warm in the wintertime,” explains Manny Goetz, the founder of Home Manager.

Goetz explains Malachi and Rebekah Buti have created hundreds of videos for their subscribers to view. They also offer other homeowner references and resources on their website.

“We have the most compiled information literally in the country right now for data for home maintenance. It’s a really great resource to look at when you need to know what to do around the house,” Goetz explains.

Maintaining a home can be as easy as checking a box with Home Manager.

“You can save so much money by doing these things yourself. Our house has definitely never been as nice as it is now,” Malachi explains. "Home Manager has kind of taught us a lot. We’ve learned a lot along the way, which is really cool," Rebekah adds.

To learn more about Home Manager, please click here.