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First snow of season hits Red Lodge Mountain

First snow of season hits Red Lodge Mountain
Posted at 5:38 PM, Oct 11, 2022
and last updated 2022-10-12 11:33:50-04

RED LODGE — Red Lodge Mountain saw its first snow of the season Tuesday morning, and that means ski season is just around the corner.

That two inches of snow quickly melted, but left Spencer Weimar, assistant general manager of the mountain, looking forward to the start of the season, especially after the summer the town endured.

“Everybody’s looking forward to winter, a normal winter, in the sense that we get to go out and recreate, and we don’t have to deal with some of the challenges we had this summer with the flooding,” Weimar said.

While the snow was falling Tuesday, you’ll have to wait another month-and-a-half to hit the slopes. Nov. 25, the after Thanksgiving, is the anticipated opening day for the season.

“We had record pass sales this year,” he said.

And you can expect to see some changes when making those first tracks. Among them, the yurt is being moved to the top of Miami Beach.

“That’ll be used as a snow sport warming hut,” said Weimar.

Next year will bring even more changes to Red Lodge Mountain. The ski area getting a new lift.

“We will take out the Miami chair in the spring and then we will put in the new lift in the summer,” he said.

A plan that has been in the works for five years is finally in motion after finding the used lift this spring in Alta, Utah.

“All in on the project, we’re spending about $2.5 million. Which is a pretty significant investment for us here at Red Lodge,” Weimar said.

It's a big investment, but one Red Lodge hopes will pay big dividends as the snow starts to fall.