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Firework stands opening in Billings area

Posted at 8:16 PM, Jun 24, 2020
and last updated 2020-06-24 23:29:38-04

Randy Schmitz loves fireworks. There's just something about the lights, the colors, and the noise they make. Or maybe it's just the feeling they give to everyone when they see them.

"Everyone around gets so excited. It gets my blood pumping too. It's just fun," said Schmitz, who owns the TNT Fireworks stand on Billings far West End.

Schmitz has been selling fireworks for seven years at the stand on Shiloh Road, just north of Central Avenue. Technically the stand is on county land, due to a Billings city law preventing the sale of fireworks within its limits, but that doesn't seem to effect Schmitz or his customers, who come from all over.

"I love having the stand. I meet all these interesting people," he said.

Prices for fireworks at the stand can be as low as 50 cents or as high as $600. It just depends what type of bang you want for your buck.

And speaking of bangs, Schmitz is adamant that people stay safe while using fireworks.

"I want one person to do it. I want them to put it on the ground with nothing else in their hands and use appropriate light techniques," he said.

He added that it is a good idea to always supervise children when around fireworks. Make sure to get to a safe distance once the fireworks are lit and always have a bucket of water or a bucket of sand near by.

The two big things to remember this Fourth of July is to be safe and have fun.

For more information on Firework safety, check out this site: