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Family of Lockwood man urges community involvement to stem violence

Posted at 12:09 AM, Nov 14, 2023

LOCKWOOD - A mother is standing up to violence and demanding action after her son was shot Saturday in Lockwood.

Brassar McCabe, 25, is fighting for his life, according to his mother Robyn McCabe.

Authorities say he suffered multiple gunshot wounds while confronting two men who were trying to break into his vehicle.

And now his mother is pleading with community members and city leaders for more to be done.

Yellowstone County Sheriff Mike Linder said the investigation is continuing.

Investigators know the two men stole a car, but do not know if they were attempting to steal anything else.

They know that one of the property owners confronted those men and now has life-threatening injuries.

“You know in critical condition, they don't really know,” said Bailey McCrummen, a friend of McCabe. “It's just a day-by-day, take it slow type of thing.

You may have seen their faces and heard their names, teens and young adults shot in Yellowstone County in recent weeks.

McCabe is the latest victim, a man authorities say was shot.

“My husband and I grew up in Billings and stayed to raise our family," said Robyn McCabe. "We have lived in our house in Lockwood for 29 years. We’re horrified by the violent crime that is currently plaguing our area. We need to come together as a community to voice our concerns to our public leaders and find out what we need to do as a community to end this now."

She called on Billings residents to attend the city council meeting on Monday.

And while she was not there, others talked about the violence.

“You hear somebody got killed or something and then somebody close to you and it just makes it more real,” said Sherry Armstrong, a cousin of McCabe’s.

“As citizens what can we do to help?” said a woman, who was one of three people to speak during the public comment period at the meeting.

While authorities have not released a name, they say McCabe did nothing wrong.

“Trying to defend his property and ended up getting shot,” Linder said.

Linder said his office is still investigating and has not determined whether the shooting may be gang-related.

His family says three bullets pierced his body injuring his lung, pancreas, liver, kidney, stomach, small intestine, and also his spine, leaving him unable to move his legs.

“I just am very saddened that this happened to him, of all people,” said McCrummen. “It's happening all over and it just hits really close to home when you know these people.”

McCrummen says many others are rattled by what happened and she is now praying for his recovery.

“I've seen a lot of our friends that, you know, that we used to hang out with him, the outpour of love on social media that we've all tried to put out there,” McCrummen said.

Friends have set up a Go Fund Me page for McCabe.