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Lockwood neighborhood reacts to car thefts and shooting

Lockwood Neighborhood
Posted at 5:45 PM, Nov 12, 2023

Residents from a Lockwood neighborhood near the intersection of Canary Avenue and Bluebird Street were rattled by attempted car thefts that evolved into a shooting Saturday night.

According to the press release from Yellowstone County Sheriff Mike Linder, the victim of the shooting is being treated for life threatening injuries.

The incident first began with the suspects breaking into multiple vehicles in the area and eventually were confronted by the victim carrying a firearm. According to Linder's release, the suspects initially ran from the scene, but a few minutes later returned in a vehicle and fired multiple rounds at the victim.

Deputies searched the area and found 19-year-old suspect Devon J. Isaacson. Isaacson was arrested on outstanding warrants, but a search continued on for the second suspect.

Nearby homeowner Helen Hendrickson heard the gunshots ring out and said she instantly knew something bad had happened.

"It was frightening because you could tell they were close," Hendrickson said. "There was six, seven eight rounds that went off. Just bam, bam, bam, bam, bam. Them weren't fireworks. Them were gunshots."

Hendrickson said the shooting happened about 30 minutes after she discovered two people breaking into a car outside of her home.

"I looked out and there was somebody in my grandson's vehicle," Hendrickson said. "So, not even thinking I came running out the door and yelled, 'Get out of here.'"

Just a block over, Christy Allen experienced a similar instance. Allen got a notification on her phone through her security camera that people were using a flashlight to look inside her car.

"My phone sent me a notification that someone was peeking through my car with a flashlight," Allen said. "I just immediately called the 9-1-1."

Allen said officers responded quickly and said they were already sending a presence to the area. Within the next minutes, Allen said they were at her neighbor's house responding to a shooting.

"They said they'd have officers in the area here shortly, and about ten minutes later is when all of the activity happened on Canary with the shooting," Allen said.

Allen said she doesn't know the victim personally, but that the incident has left her disgusted and frustrated.

"The fact that they didn't break into any car windows, they didn't even break my car window," Allen said. "But they had the audacity to shoot someone for confronting them for doing that. It's insane."

Deputies eventually tracked down 18-year-old Ahtin Glen after a high speed chase ran all the way from Lockwood to the area of Broadwater Avenue in Billings. Glen was treated for an injury and then booked into the Yellowstone County Detention Facility on two counts of attempted homicide. He was found hiding under a vehicle in the area.

A shocking night that left many frightened at what Billings has become, after a hectic couple of weeks of crime.

"I'm very worried," Hendrickson said. "I really am. I know my sister really wants me to move out of here, but where am I going to go? It's going to happen everywhere."