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'Extremely special': Friend remembers Billings road-rage victim

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Posted at 5:45 PM, Aug 26, 2022

BILLINGS — Friends are remembering the 29-year-old man killed last weekend in a road-rage incident captured on video in downtown Billings and are wondering why police still have made no arrests.

The man that was killed in last weekend’s shooting that took place right outside the Q2 studio was 29-year-old Michael Duran. He moved to Montana from California a little over five years ago in search of a higher quality of life.

"Back in March is when I met him, but it felt like I knew Michael my whole life. I realized I was in the presence of somebody very special, extremely special. I remember having the thought that I’m grateful and that even if nothing great happens during my performance, I got to meet this human," said friend Sabra Mack.

Duran was shot and killed just seconds after the altercation on Fourth Avenue North across from the Q2 studio in Billings in what police are calling a road-rage dispute.

"I saw an article that said he had been shot nine times. I just cannot believe that. That’s so far beyond road rage," added Mack.

Police have not confirmed that how many times Duran was shot or who the suspect is as of Friday, and it's left his friends and family with more questions than answers.

"I just want justice but I pray that the right justice is done. Let’s just put it like that. It just went on too long for it to go unnoticed and to claim, well in the moment I lost my temper. No, I don’t buy that at all. The whole incident just went on too long," Mack said.

His absence is felt by all who loved him.

"I'm obviously devastated but devastation is not even the word for losing such a bright light in this world. He will be missed so much. Just so greatly missed. He was heart, he was soul, he was giving, he was caring, he was intelligent and gifted musically," Mack said.

Michael Duran was a man that certainly left his mark on the community in the short time he lived here.