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Defeated in primary, Yellowstone County commissioner launches write-in campaign

Posted at 10:31 AM, Aug 09, 2022
and last updated 2022-08-10 00:07:03-04

BILLINGS - Denis Pitman, the incumbent who lost the Republican primary for a seat on the Yellowstone County Board of Commissioners by about 2,000 votes in June, announced Tuesday he has launched a write-in campaign to keep his elected job.

Pitman lost the primary to challenger Mark Morse, a retired postal inspector who was supported by Commissioner John Ostlund.

"This write in campaign is about representing you and promoting a vision of accountability and growth in our community!" Pitman said in a press release issued Tuesday morning. "It is something that I have been doing both as a Billings City Councilman, and now as your County Commissioner. Our county, our community, our families and way of life are worth fighting for, and that is why I have decided to take this step in representing you."

Pitman served one six-year term on the commission before losing in the primary. He previously served two four-year terms on the Billings City Council.

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"In true Montana tradition, I have filed as a write in candidate for Yellowstone County Commissioner!" the press release continues. "This has never been done, and with your support we will show special interest groups that we are taking back our local government and forging a path forward."

The press release continues:

Together we will continue all of the hard work and vision we have been working on, including:

1. PUBLIC SAFTY! Building a bigger jail, and emergency management.

2. Completion of the Billings By pass project,

3. Building of the Inner Beltloop,

4. Expansion of our airport,

5. Water and wastewater management

6. Investment in city and rural Fire service

7. Supporting public safety and local volunteer fire departments.

8. Supporting all levels of law enforcement.

9. Increasing entertainment and services at MetraPark

10. Working with the City of Billings in growth and development

11. Continuing relationships with State and Federal officials to make sure that we are at the table of conversations and not on the menu.

12. Working to keep Montana, Montana as we see our population surge.

13. Opening Motor Vehicle at MetraPark and reducing times for renewal of license plates.

These and so much more are all projects we have been working on over the past decade which have made our community what it is today, attracting new businesses, bringing in a medical school and supporting our medical community, promoting our natural resources, support the agricultural industry.

We can pick one topic and attack change and accountability or we can look to the future with hope and vision. You the voters can make a decision to move forward or as stated by my opponent sit back do nothing for the next three years and see what happens and what staff recommend.

I also have found our community a compassionate and forgiving community, so please let me ask for your forgiveness in not communicating as well as I should have on the positive actions and necessary decisions that have been made to make our county become safer, andcomply with State law. Requests for proposals had not been done for decades on almost every level of county government and department, and making sure that these processes were done upset some who either didn’t understand the process or thought they were exempt. Protecting the residents, not the establishment is my main duty, and I will continue to uphold the laws of the land. We worked hard to find ways to keep service organizations in many areas of MetraPark, and we now have not only the Exchange Club, but Optimist and Kiwanis Clubs helping raise money for other organizations in our community by providing assistance at MetraPark. We will never loose control of our county operations, but just like mental health, security and maintenance, sometimes we need help from outside organizations for help and advice. We have only been looking at our options, but I can assure you what we have been doing for decades is no longer working the way we needs to operate as we look to the future. If you would like me to come speak to a group or service organization, please feel free to reach out to me and lets have a conversation!

I will not stop working for change and promoting a system of growth, and opportunity for all of our residents not just the loud special interest groups that seem intent on holding onto power and control for their benefit and the not benefit of our community.

There is a lot of public education on how a write in candidate works, and what the voters will need to do on the fall ballot in order for a vote for me to count.

1. Circle the oval for write in candidate

2. Print Denis Pitman on the line. I have submitted over 25 versions of my name, but it will be simpler if you just remember one N and one T.

The choice will be yours, and the path forward in leadership will be made by you the voters.

Please write in my name Denis Pitman, as a Commissioner for District 2 and let’s take back our county! The future is ours if we are willing to stand up and make our vote count!

Official Campaign Kickoff event will be scheduled after the Labor Day Weekend giving everyone a break from campaigns, but my work has already begun, and with support and encouragement from all of you, we will bring a new generation of leadership to Yellowstone County.

If you want to help or learn more about me, you can donate at Friends of Denis Pitman. 645 Main Street Billings MT 59105 or online at [].