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Billings landmark restaurant The Fieldhouse still for sale, but perhaps not for long

Located on Minnesota Avenue, the 6700 sq ft building includes a restaurant, a coffee shop, offices and priced at roughly $1.1 million to include a beer and wine license
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Posted at 6:04 PM, Mar 12, 2024
and last updated 2024-03-13 08:06:11-04

BILLINGS - It was only last June that landmark Billings restaurant The Fieldhouse closed its doors.

New life could be coming to this South Side establishment, but for now, it sits for sale.

Located on Minnesota Avenue, the 6,700-square-foot building includes a restaurant, a coffee shop and offices. It's priced at roughly $1.1 million to include a beer and wine license, according to NAI Business Properties broker Ethan Kanning.

The building is so much more than a detailed real estate listing to many who’ve dined there countless times, including Kanning.

“My wife and I always came here for anniversaries,” he said. “And they’d come out and spoil us.”

He, like so many, can’t help but wonder what is next for the building.

“The activity has been really, really exciting,” he said.

That’s because in recent weeks, Kanning has entertained numerous conversations with business owners and entrepreneurs about the prime piece of real estate located in a trendy part of downtown Billings.

“About 80 percent of them are existing businesses that are looking to add a second location, or moving to a rental now and they want to buy,” he said.

He says, in recent days a plethora of calls on the property and showings hinting that something could hopefully break through soon.

And Katy Easton with the Downtown Billings Association isn’t surprised as to why, saying the old Fieldhouse building is turnkey and restaurant ready.

“This location on Minnesota Avenue is probably one of the most unique that exists in downtown Billings right now,” said Easton.

In addition, Minnesota Avenue and the south side of the tracks is experiencing some exciting events and growth coming, according to Easton. A concert series, an expansion to the skate park and a retail space next door is already pending purchase, putting it on the cusp of perhaps a new wave of untapped development downtown.

“We are seeing increased demand for people wanting to be downtown,” said Kanning. “To me this is the next spot where you are really going to see some action happen in downtown Billings.”

Kanning is hoping a potential buyer can see all the perks the old Fieldhouse has to offer.

“I love this place, because when friends come to visit it’s the perfect place to show off,” he said.