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Billings introduces first public information officer

Former Q2 anchor Victoria Hill begins new role with city
Posted at 12:51 PM, Mar 07, 2022
and last updated 2022-03-07 15:13:00-05

BILLINGS - The City of Billings has hired its first public information officer, welcoming Victoria Hill to this new role during the first week of March.

Just wrapping up her first week on the job, Hill is getting up-to-speed on city department operations, the city said in a press release Monday.

“I am impressed by the amount of work that goes on behind the scenes in each department every day," said Hill, a former anchor and reporter at Q2 news. "The city’s role in our lives stretches beyond what I ever could’ve imagined, and the people doing these jobs are passionate about their work. They’re here because they love and care about what they do.”

The duties of a public information officer range from communicating with local media outlets and the community to creating projects that improve the transparency of city operations, and much more.

“I am grateful I get to use what I already know from my years as a journalist, but also expand my current skill set and use it as a service for the people in our community,” Hill said.

Hiring a PIO for the City of Billings has been discussed for many years among the city council and staff, the press release states.

“People are so inundated with information these days, that if the message is not clear and concise, then it often doesn’t connect. So, finally recognizing as a city, we needed somebody who could help us refine information so that it was clear and understandable,” said Chris Kukulski, Billings City Administrator.

Hill brings 12 years of journalism experience to the City of Billings, first working as a multi-media journalist for ABC affiliate KTWO in Riverton, Wyo., then a reporter for Fremont County Wyoming’s online news publication, and most recently an anchor and reporter at Q2.

“Here we have this incredible opportunity, we have someone who knows our community exceptionally well. Hill has been exposed to and has an understanding of our community that can help us communicate effectively with our citizens,” Kukulski said.

Hill said she is proud to call Billings home and raise her family here.

“I moved to Billings in August of 2012, fell in love with the city, the fresh air and outdoor recreation opportunities, and knew I was here to stay,” Hill said.

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