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Family searching for ATV driver they say put pregnant Huntley woman in hospital

Family searching for ATV driver they say put pregnant Huntley woman in hospital
Posted at 6:35 PM, May 17, 2023
and last updated 2023-05-19 10:36:12-04

BILLINGS — Monday started as a normal day for Princess Bigman and her family when they decided to go to Terry Park in Billings to enjoy the weather. But the day ended with Bigman in a hospital bed at Billings Clinic, where she remained Wednesday after she says an ATV hit her and the driver fled from the scene.

“It was a bright sunny day. The kids were wanting to play. It was just a regular day to us,” Bigman said. "Then an ATV came after me."

Bigman is eight weeks pregnant and started feeling hot while at the park. She decided to go lay down in the back of the family's Dodge Durango and left the hatch open to relax.

She soon started hearing what she thought was a motorcycle heading her way. She said she only sat up because it sounded like it was experiencing engine problems.

“As soon as I sat up almost fully is when I saw the ATV coming at me almost full speed,” Bigman said.

Bigman said she had seconds to think about how to react as the ATV sped toward her doing a wheelie. She tried to inch herself back into the vehicle more to get out of the way, but she said the ATV quickly entered the vehicle and was partially on top of her.

"I had my right arm to block my face because the wheels were still turning,” Bigman said.

Bigman's husband, Joel Morales, was taking their son to the restroom across the park when he heard a loud noise.

“I turn around and there’s an ATV stuck in the back of my car trying to get out,” he said.

Morales ran towards his wife as the unidentified ATV driver was attempting to get out of the vehicle, but he said the driver fled before he could reach them.

When the ATV driver was attempting to get out, Bigman said a wheel was drug down her chest and rested on her hip, resulting in torn muscles and ligaments. But she said her main concern was her pregnancy.

“I started screaming because I could feel my stomach. And I was really telling him that I’m pregnant, please get it off of me,” she said.

Once the driver was off of Bigman, she took a video of the driver to make sure she had proof of the incident. She hopes someone will recognize him.

“I caught a video because I didn’t want to give out a wrong description because it happened so fast,” she said.

Bigman was transported to Billings Clinic by ambulance from the park. She says she's grateful she didn't lose her unborn child and is hopeful she will get to return home soon. She will need to use a walker for help getting around.

“We’re just going to see how we can move forward and build from here,” she said.