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Billings police investigate report of "brutal assault" of Northern Cheyenne councilwoman

Posted at 2:17 PM, May 24, 2021

BILLINGS - The Billings Police Department is investigating the reported assault of a Northern Cheyenne council member in downtown Billings that took place in mid-May.

The attack on Silver Little Eagle, 23 of Lame Deer, happened May 16.

While those with the Billings Police Department wouldn’t comment on the specifics of the case, officials did say Monday there is an active and open investigation.

Sgt. Shane Winden said Little Eagle suffered non-life-threatening injuries but was taken to a Billings hospital for treatment.

The assault is gaining traction on social media because of a GoFundMe account that has gathered over $23,000 in donations as of Monday afternoon.

According to information on the GoFundMe account written by the family, Little Eagle was “brutally attacked and left for dead,” suffering severe physical injuries as well as the theft of her vehicle and personal belongings.

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The page states it has been organized by Bobbi Limberhand on behalf of Goldstein Little Eagle. An MTN News call to Goldstein Little Eagle on Monday afternoon was not immediately returned.

“Had Councilwoman Little Eagle not been found by a family member, it is very likely she would have died from this violent attack. That speaks to the severity of her injuries,” the donation account page states.

According to coverage by Western Native Voice, a nonprofit that's mission is to build political and personal power and address local community challenges, Silver Little Eagle is the Northern Cheyenne’s youngest council member at age 23. She was raised by her grandmother, who also served on the council.

According to the article dated Jan. 19, 2021, Little Eagle went to Dartmouth College on a Gates Scholarship.

The family states on the GoFundMe page that the attack was unprovoked and spurred by jealousy and hate, also stating: “An elected leader of the Northern Cheyenne Nation nearly died as a result.”

Back in November of 2020, the Northern Cheyenne Tribemade history by electing women for all of its open tribal council seats. Silver Little Eagle was elected to fill the Lame Deer seat.