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Certified Billings hypnotherapist changes lives with rapid transformational therapy

Hypnotherapy patients find answers after looking elsewhere
Posted at 4:35 PM, Jul 18, 2023
and last updated 2023-07-19 11:36:33-04

BILLINGS — Rapid transformational therapy is a form of hypnotherapy changing lives in Montana.

If you’re sitting in certified hypnotherapist Tanya Martin’s chair at Deep Rooted Hypnotherapy in Billings, you’re likely searching for an answer you haven’t been able to find anywhere else. Perhaps why your pain won’t go away, anxiety, fertility problems, even a pitching slump for baseball athletes.

Patients who sit in Martin’s chair for just one hour say they now have the answers and a new life thanks to hypnotherapy.

Certified hypnotherapist Tanya Martin says rapid transformational therapy is a way to inhale self love and exhale self doubt, and it is working for her clients, including Vanessa Voldseth from Ballantine.

“I was having a hard time with my barrel horse, couldn’t get it to do what I wanted it to do and knew it was more me than the horse. So I thought, well I'll try it,” says Vanessa Voldseth, hypnotherapy client.

She was skeptical at first, after seeing hypnotherapists make people do silly things on stage at the fair. But Voldseth is now a believer.

“Vanessa came to me six months ago having anxiety, not feeling worthy, not feeling enough,” says Martin. “She didn’t believe that she was good on a horse, and we changed that.”

“After my first session, I was just totally amazed at how just one session had got me to where I needed to be in life,” says Voldseth. “I'm much calmer on a horse, and I have more compassion for the horse today because I have compassion for myself, which I didn’t. I love myself now and that comes through to your horse to say we’re going to do this together.”

During a typical session, Martin puts her patients in hypnosis, taking them back to childhood scenes, uncovering past traumas where self-doubt originates. She says she tries to reframe the brain to a positive mindset while the mind is suggestible.

“I've had people go back to the third trimester of the womb. Most people it's between the ages of one and five,” says Martin. “People come to me for several things, ranging from depression, anxiety, sleep issues, sexual issues, diet, bulimia, anorexia, addiction, smoking. There are so many things hypnotherapy covers.”

Martin sends patients home with custom, positive audio to listen to daily for 21 days, and they say it works.

“So as you breathe deeply again, you are inhaling self-love, you are exhaling self-doubt. You are breathing in tranquility,” says Martin in an audio recording.

“I’m just so blessed I found Tanya and my whole life has changed, literally,” says Voldseth.