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Pet of the Week: Heimdall

Squishy but lives up to his namesake!
Posted at 11:47 AM, May 26, 2022
and last updated 2022-05-26 16:41:20-04

*Heimdall and his littermates won't be available until Saturday, May 29. No applications or appointments will be accepted until then.

Meet Heimdall! Heimdall is a young, approximately 8-week-old Shepherd mix and available for adoption through Rez Dog Rescue of Montana.

Rez Dog's best guess is he will be a minimum medium-sized dog, but most likely, a large-sized dog when fully grown. As always, this is just a guess based on what we see in them at this time.


Heimdall is very active and will need an active home with families that will love him unconditionally and take the time to teach him obedience and involve him in their everyday lives. He will need daily exercise and plenty of outdoor playtime.

Heimdall also has five other brothers, two of which are sable in coloring, and the other three have similar coloring to Heimdall. He also has three sisters, two sable and one black and tan that are available for adoption. All puppies in this litter match Heimdall's profile on energy level and size.

Rez Dog Rescue of Montana

If you would like to inquire about adopting Heimdall or a littermate or have questions, please call Heimdall's foster mom Sheri Lee at 406-208-3853. She does not receive emails so you must call.

Please research before adopting any pup; make sure your type of home and lifestyle is the right fit for the activity level and needs of the particular breeds mentioned as a possible mix in the rescue puppies.

Rez Dog Rescue's puppy adoption fee is $175.00 and includes the puppies being spayed/neutered, wormed, vaccinated for kennel cough, and having received their first parvo/distemper shot. A fenced yard is required or if you live in the country, safe acreage on your own land for exercise is required. All dogs must be allowed in the family home and be allowed to sleep inside of the home at night. Upon adoption, you will be required to complete and sign an adoption contract. Rez Dog Rescue is located in Billings, Montana, and requires potential adopters to travel to their location.

Rez Dog Rescue of Montana
Rez Dog Rescue of Montana