One Class at a Time


'Once Class at a Time' drops by Poly Drive Elementary to honor a tag-team of 2nd grade teachers

Posted at 5:37 AM, Apr 29, 2022

Q2, Billings Education Foundation and City Brew Coffee have teamed up for “One Class at a Time.” It's a program that recognizes teachers who go above and beyond to help their students.

This week, we pay a visit to Poly Drive Elementary to honor a tag-team of 2nd grade teachers, Mrs. Colby and Mrs. Dimock. These two teachers have worked so well together over the last few years and have made such a positive impact on their students. Mrs. Colby has extra science and math training while Mrs. Dimock has a background in reading and writing education. Through exciting story-telling, fun games, and engaging lessons, they make learning an amazing experience for their students.

“They are a wonderful bunch of kids," beamed Mrs. Dimock.

"They are very, very passionate about their special interests. So, I hope that when they go into third grade that they can still share that with their teacher.”

For making such a big, positive impact on their 2nd graders, Mrs. Colby and Mrs. Dimock were presented with a $500 grant from the Billings Education Foundation and a $150 gift card from City Brew Coffee. Congratulations!

If you would like to make a nomination, click here. We could surprise a deserving teacher at your school next.