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Q2 Weather: Another Arctic plunge on it's way.

Ready or not another Arctic plunge has made it's way into the state. This is going to be a rather drastic change in the weather. After all, we warmed up into the 60's today. Most other places around Montana made it into the 50's today. Places like, Cut Bank, while they did not punch through to 50, they did make it to 49 degrees. Now look at the current 5:30 PM temperatures around the state. This is quite the drastic drop in temps along the high line. Guess what, a similar drop is coming to Billings on Saturday. BILLINGS FORECAST: Tonight: Mostly cloudy windy and colder. Southwest winds 15 - 30 mph. Low 28. Saturday: Falling temps and an 80% chance of Snow today.Northeast winds 15-25 mph. High 33. Sunday: Mostly sunny and very cold. Southwest winds 5 - 15 mph. High 13.

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