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What an elephant statue in someone’s house means

What an elephant statue in someone’s house means (and why you might want one, too)
Posted at 9:16 AM, Mar 01, 2024

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As a middle schooler, I attended a white elephant party — and went home with a miniature statue of an elephant.

The gift-giver had taken the party name literally and swiped the statue off her parents’ mantel. My 13-year-old self felt shortchanged by this useless prize. But in retrospect, I imagine her parents were even angrier. She’d removed a feng shui symbol of good fortune from her family’s den.

The next time you see a statue of an elephant in someone’s home, take a moment to consider its placement and what it might mean. For those who believe in the power of creating a harmonious environment, elephants can lend good luck, protection, wisdom, power and more to their surroundings.

The Meaning of an Elephant Statue

Elephant statues have various meanings for different Asian cultures. In the Hindu religion, Ganesha the elephant-headed god is revered as the god of beginnings and the remover of obstacles. The ancient Indian design system called Vastu shastra incorporates elephants as an auspicious symbol of peace and protection. In Buddhism, elephants represent the Buddha himself in holy texts, and many followers of the religion believe their god was reincarnated from a white elephant.

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Among the tenets of the Chinese art of feng shui is the idea that elephants are sacred animals that symbolize many desirable traits including wisdom, longevity, intelligence, strength and dignity. An elephant can also stand for power, fertility, good luck and success. Who wouldn’t want a bearer of all these positive attributes to preside over their home?

elephant statue by candle

Where To Place an Elephant Statue

But where should you place such a robust source of positive energy? That’s an excellent question, because location matters.

If you’d like to welcome good luck into your home, the real estate site Makaan recommends placing a pair of elephant statues at your front door.

And, according to, those who work from home might want to put an elephant statue on their desk for stress relief and a boosted ability to focus.

The NoBroker Times describes the positive effects of an elephant in the bedroom. Placing your statue there can strengthen the bond between you and your partner. It can also bring positivity for couples who are trying to conceive.

Yet another feng shui application suggests adding an elephant to a children’s bedroom or to wherever they do homework. As a symbol of intelligence and wisdom, the elephant’s presence brings a sense of the cultivation of knowledge and academic success.

Which Direction To Keep an Elephant in Your Home

‌According toTaste of Home, placing an elephant in the entrance of your home (such as the foyer) has varying positive effects, depending on which way you face it. Face your elephant in the direction of the front door and it will protect your home against any negative energy that might try to enter. Face it away from the door, and it will sweep good luck along into your house.

What It Means If The Trunk Is Up

If you’re in the market for an elephant statue, you’ll probably have two choices: trunk up or trunk down. Both bring good luck.

But the upward-pointing trunk means that good fortune and beneficence are flowing outward. If the trunk is hanging down, the elephant statue is protecting your good fortune and focused on acquiring knowledge.

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What To Know About Different Elephant Statue Options

If you believe in the positive effects of arts like Vastu shastra or feng shui, you’ll also want to take into consideration things like materials, what the elephant is holding, if coins are involved or how many elephants there are. Of course, you could just pick the elephant figurine you like best and which matches your decor!

Jade Green Feng Shui Elephant

feng shui elephant

$16.99 at Amazon

This 4.25-inch-tall feng shui elephant is made from jade green resin, a color that symbolizes prosperity, luck and abundance. In other words, this already-lucky elephant brings a double dose of good fortune!

If you know a new homeowner and want to wish them protection and abundance, you might give this figurine as a housewarming gift.

Blue and White Wealth Elephant Statue

$17.72 (was $18.90) at Amazon

This elephant is made of resin for durability and a smooth surface. Plus, a white elephant symbolizes wealth and luxury.

Do you happen to own Spode blue fine china? If you do, this figurine’s coloring might work beautifully in your dining room. But with its joyfully raised trunk, it can bring good fortune to any room.

 Feng Shui Elephant Sculpture

feng shui elephant

$32.99 (was $44) at Wayfair

Want some gorgeous texture and charm to go with your elephant-inspired fortune? Then consider the fine workmanship of this Indian-themed elephant (note the seashells adorning the head and feet). It’s made of resin and natural stone powder, and it’s a little over 7-inches high.

Family of Elephants Figurines

elephant figurines

$41.39 (was $48.99) at Amazon

Did you know that elephant families are led by the oldest female in the group? If you know someone who’s the matriarch of her family, this three-piece sculpture of an elephant mama leading her two young ones might be the perfect gift. Three elephants together symbolize a peaceful family life.

These figurines are made of gold-colored resin. The largest elephant is over 5 inches long and 5 inches tall.

Any of these options will suffice as you rearrange your home for the best feng shui effect. And if you’re selling your house? Well, then you’ll want a different kind of statue.

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