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Zoe shows how to arrange a special Mother's Day

Zoe shows how to arrange a special Mother's Day
Posted at 2:11 PM, May 07, 2020
and last updated 2020-05-07 16:15:49-04

BILLINGS — Flowers can help anyone smile, and with Mother’s Day just days away one local family store has plenty of good gift ideas for you to give your mother or someone close to you to make them feel special.

Gainan's in the Billings Heights is open just in time for Mother's Day. Owner Mick Gainan said: "There’s something that really builds someone’s confidence when they have a plant. Every day people come in here and they say something and they make a relationship and says their my mom used to have those, or we had some of these last year and they did so great I want more of them."

Gainan said there is one particular special story that has stuck out to him through the years: "There was a gentleman a long time ago, Dr. Donnelly, that started when he was young, he started mowing yards and doing little jobs because he really wanted to earn money to afford to get flowers for his mom. He was real religious about it, and he was only going to do it for special occasions like for Mother’s Day or her birthday. But then he got called to the east coast, so he decided to set up a standing order to get a bouquet of flowers sent to his mother once a month, to his mother Dolores Donnelly."

Dolores Donnelly said she looks forward to the bouquets every month: “He made the arraignments with Gainan's to set up an account to deliver me flowers every month. And so that’s how I found out that’s what he had done. So I started looking forward to them and I had a little table that I would set them on in front of a window and that’s their spot. It’s always a thrill to know they are coming and I was going to get them each month."

Gainan's in the Heights offers help with anything you need, from putting together your outdoor garden to simply arranging a bouquet for a special someone. They encourage you to come in with any questions you have and hopefully, they say, you leave with an experience.

"The arraignments don't have to be big, just something that tells someone you're thinking of them," said Gainan. "Just something to let them know you're OK and hope they are OK too."

You can also enter a chance to win sending someone you love a bouquet once a month for an entire year! Just head to Ktvq.com/flowers