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A family restaurant in Billings brings fresh Hawaiian food to you

Posted at 6:24 AM, Apr 24, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-24 16:00:33-04

BILLINGS — We might be looking for a lighter option when it comes to eating since we are spending more time at home during these unfamiliar times.

Recently opened local restaurant in Billings West Park Plaza, Ohana Poke, is bringing fresh ingredients, the Hawaiian culture, and the feeling of family to the community.

Ohana Poke is offering the perfect fresh option to clean, lighter options for a meal. By flying in fresh fish from Hawaii and picking it up from the Billings International Airport, Ohana is bringing a sense of "Ohana," or family to our homes.

Micah Liehr the manager of Ohana Poke said:"We want people to come together and be Ohana and be family. For a place like Billings Montana it’s different. I think we get a lot of people who are nervous to try it at first. It’s something that they aren’t quite used to. But it’s great. People step out of their comfort zone. We sell a lot of fish here, raw fish. The tuna is straight out of Hawaii so it’s flown in, it’s super good quality you just can’t find anything better than it."

Liehr's brother Tyrell has traveled a lot and has spent a lot of time in Hawaii. She added that he loved it and wanted to bring that same experience back to Billings.

"He Loved it, actually fell in love it. Tyrell loved everything from the quality, to the favors and style... so he brought it to Billings to try and make it his own."

One fun fact Liehr said, is that Poke, actually, is just a word in Hawaiian meaning to cube or chop.

"So all of our meat comes in cube so the style itself you can do with any meat which is why our chicken and our steak are still considered poke."

During these times supporting local is important, and Liehr said what Ohana Poke does is focus on the positive.

"That is the best thing you can do in a situation like this. So every single day we remember our loyal customers. This is Ohana, it’s what we are here for. Every business is just trying to make it through right now and we can all just do it together."

Ohana means family, and for Billings, providing meals with traditional raw tuna poke or steak bowls, Ohana Poke is helping times like this feel like home.

Visit: https://billingspokesushi.com or call: 406-534-2353

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