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Q2 Weather: Winter returns to Billings this weekend

Posted at 3:51 PM, Mar 13, 2020
and last updated 2020-03-13 17:51:03-04

BILLINGS — Light snow is falling on Friday afternoon in the Billings, as we get ready to return to a more winter-like weather pattern this weekend.

In Billings, the temperature was 28 degrees Friday afternoon with light snow. Around the rest of the state, the temps are mostly to the 20s and 30s, although it is 13 degrees at Cut Bank.

The threat board is really starting to fill up across almost all of Montana, except for the southeast corner. The big story is the Winter Storm Warning across the Hi-Line.

Snowfall amounts vary anywhere from 2 to 5 inches, all the way up to 20 inches up in the northwest corner of the state. Plus, there is a high wind warning for northwestern Montana for winds gusting to 40 mph through Saturday morning.

In that same area, we have a Winter Weather Advisory producing moderate to heavy snow all across western Montana and into the southwest corner. In the Beartooth Mountains, we have a Winter Storm Watch for snowfall amounts ranging from 8 to 15 inches.

The Doppler radar right now shows light snowfall continues to stream in from the southeast through Billings toward Great Falls.

The high-resolution forecast model shows the reason is a stream of moisture moving into the state from the southeast.

That stream of moisture will continue to produce scattered snow showers in south-central Montana through Friday evening and into Saturday morning.

On Saturday afternoon, a fresh supply of moisture moves in from the southwest and continues to stream toward Glasgow, producing more rain and snow for Billings. This stream should stick around through Sunday afternoon.

Snowfall amounts through the weekend will be about 2 to 4 inches of snow for Billings, 6 to 10 inches at Havre and maybe as much as 10 to 20 inches at Cut Bank.

Our temperatures will continue to stay relatively cool into the low 30s until about 2 p.m. Saturday. Then it's a jump up into the low 40s.

We will dip back down to 27 degrees on Sunday, back up to 46 degrees on Tuesday and then into the upper 30s as we finish out the rest of next week.


TONIGHT: Mostly cloudy with a 40% chance for evening snow and more snow again overnight. East winds 15 to 25 mph. Low 27 degrees.

SATURDAY: Mostly cloudy with a 40% chance for snow. East winds 5 to 15 mph high 41 degrees.

SUNDAY: Mostly cloudy with a 50% chance for snow in the morning and a slight chance for snow in the afternoon and colder. North winds 5 to 15 mph. High 27 degrees.