Q2 Weather: Today is the warm before the storm for Billings

Posted at 4:06 PM, Feb 12, 2019
and last updated 2019-02-12 18:06:15-05

BILLINGS- It has actually turned out to be a pretty decent day in the Billings area Tuesday afternoon. Even though the skies are cloudy, the temperature has zoomed up into the low 30s at 2 p.m.

And that is quite a feat when you consider we started the day at -2 degrees.

Not only has Billings warmed up in the low 30s, Cody and Sheridan have warmed up into the 40s already while the Hi-Line remains below zero.

The threat board is starting to fill up with Winter Storm Warnings and Winter Weather Advisories as well as Winter Storm Watches, Flood Watches, Avalanche Warning, High Wind Warnings and Wind Advisories.

 The heaviest snow looks like it will be up in the northwest.

They could get as much as two feet of snow. We could see six to 10 inches of snow in the central mountains and seven to 14 inches of snow in Yellowstone Park.

Once this next storm blows through it will start kicking up winds of 40 to 60 to 80 mph. The highest winds will be downsloping winds off the mountains.

The Doppler radar and satellite imagery shows the snow just now starting to make its way into the Northwest corner the state.

Fortunately for Billings and south-central Montana, we’re enjoying a warm front that’s sweeping through today while its snow up in the Northwest.

On Wednesday morning, that becomes a cold front and starts dropping down into Wyoming Wednesday evening, bringing cold air and measurable snow with it.

The computer models are all in agreement that we will see anywhere from two to four inches of snow out of this next snow event in the Billings area.

In the meantime will warm up to 27 on Wednesday, but drop down the 17 on Thursday back to the 20s on Friday and Saturday and into the teens as we start out next week.


TONIGHT: Mostly cloudy and warmer. Southwest winds 10 to 20 mph. Low 23 degrees.

WEDNESDAY: Winter weather advisory in effect from 3 p.m. Wednesday to 6 a.m. Thursday. It will be cloudy with a 50 percent chance for snow in the afternoon. Up to two inches of  snow accumulation possible Wednesday night. Southwest winds 5 to 15 mph. High 38 degrees.

THURSDAY: Mostly sunny and colder. East winds 5 to 15 mph high 19 degrees.