Q2 Weather: Winter set to make a late week return

Posted at 4:35 PM, Jan 14, 2019
and last updated 2019-01-14 18:35:45-05

After a very pleasant weekend of weather we are seeing a weather clone here on Monday. Blue skies, light breezes out of the southwest and above average temperatures.

The ridge of high pressure that has been dominating the weather over the last bit is still holding on, but it is set to break down over the next few days.

The outlook for Tuesday and Wednesday is still mild. Temperatures from 40 to 45 and dry skies. But we will notice a gradual increase in cloud cover as pacific moisture gets pushed into the region.

This push of moisture is going to combine with a cold front sweeping down from Canada to give our weather a decidedly wintry twist by the end of the week.

By Thursday we will notice much colder temperatures and consistent snow starting to shape up in western Montana and push into the eastern plains by later in the day.

Thursday overnight and early in the day Friday is looking like the window where we will see most of our snowfall.

Travel conditions will likely deteriorate across the state so plan any trips as well as your Friday morning commute accordingly.

The system lingers until early Saturday when a new ridge begins to build in and push the mercury upwards once again.