Q2 Weather: Clear and pleasant conditions on deck for the weekend

Posted at 5:03 PM, Dec 08, 2018
and last updated 2018-12-08 19:03:38-05

The frigid temperatures of the last couple of days have given way to much more pleasant temperatures here on the weekend. The mercury is getting up into the mid 30s in many places.

The exception here being the northeast, where they are still dealing with very chilly conditions, however even in those areas there has still been a noticeable warming trend from the end of this past week.

Skies are clear across the state and we are all being treated to sunshine and blue skies.

It has still been breezy in places, creating some windchill values, which has knocked some of those warmer readings back down.

For the next couple of days we can expect fairly similar conditions. Temperatures for Sunday afternoon should settle into similar ranges as they did today, with mostly 30s and some lower 40s.

Things warm even a little further on Monday but we will notice those winds once again being a factor.

The eastern portion of the state will notice it less, but this week is setting up to be a very windy one along the foothills, with a couple of quick hitting systems sweeping through making for consistently windy conditions.

Those couple of systems could bring some midweek snowfall, but as of now it appears to be limited to higher elevations and the western portion of the state.