Q2 Weather: Time for a cool change for Billings

Posted at 3:39 PM, Oct 29, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-29 17:39:13-04

BILLINGS- The day started with scattered rain showers, but now that the rain has stopped, the streets are trying to dry up and the sun is starting to come out.

However, Billings still remains a little bit on the cool side because of the rain Monday morning. At 2 p.m. the temperature in Billings was 48 degrees with thesSouth wind at 5 mph.

Elsewhere around Eastern Montan,a the temperatures were mostly in the 40s and 50s at 2 p.m and only the 40s in the far western part of the state.

The reason for the cool air and the rain this Monday morning is a cold front that moved through Montana last night.

And now the showers are starting to leave the state as they drop a little bit farther south and farther to the east.

In fact, the whole cold front and weather system will continue to move out of the area by Tuesday morning.

We will still see a few lingering snow showers around the Western mountains, but mostly dry conditions on the eastern plains part of Montana.

By Tuesday evening, those snow showers should start to dissipate as they continue to track down the spine of the Rockies into Wyoming.

On Halloween, we will see mostly sunny skies for south-central Montana, but the next storm will be producing snow in the western part of the state.

Those snow showers will start making their way into Billings and the rest of south-central Montana later in the day on Wednesday night, possibly sometime after 10 p.m.

Temperatures will probably start cooling down in the morning to 34 degrees, just warm enough to keep any snow from sticking or accumulating.

For the rest of the week, we expect temperatures will probably remain somewhat cool, staying mostly into the upper 40s and low 50s.


TONIGHT: Partly cloudy and cool. West winds 5 to 15 mph low 34 degrees.

TUESDAY: Mostly sunny and a little bit warmer. West winds 5 to 15 mph. High 51 degrees.

WEDNESDAY: Increasing clouds and continued mild. West winds 5 to 15 mph. There is a 30 percent chance for rain mixing with snow overnight. High 51 degrees.