Q2 Weather: Things get above seasonal on Sunday.

Posted at 4:10 PM, Sep 15, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-15 18:10:27-04

Skies have been fairly cloudy today and have put the damper on our temperatures, which we were expecting to rise up towards the 80 degree mark.

It appears we will have to settle for slightly less on that front here today, but all in we should still be pretty close to the seasonal mark temperature-wise today.

This evening will bring some quick hitting storms to the western part of our region. These storms will likely miss the Billings area but we could see some gustier winds in the outflow of these storms.

Tomorrow we are in a fairly similar pattern however cloud cover should be noticeably thinner and those temperatures should be a bit higher as a result.

Sunday afternoon highs in upper 70s and lower 80s.

A fairly benign pattern starts the work week for Monday and Tuesday, with temperatures right around seasonal and dry skies.

We are expecting a big drop in temperatures on Wednesday and some rain entering the area for the day. We will keep an eye on the exact timing of this as we head into the new week.

Right now Sunday looks like the warmest day of the forecast period so get out there and enjoy this pleasant end of summer weather.