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Watch Jon Stewart’s heartbreaking eulogy for his dog

Watch Jon Stewart’s heartbreaking eulogy for his dog
Posted at 10:15 AM, Feb 28, 2024

If you’ve ever grieved the loss of a dog, “The Daily Show” with Jon Stewart was a rough watch this week.

Stewart concluded the show by eulogizing his dog Dipper, who had died — and he didn’t get three sentences into his message before he was already choking up.

Dipper came to Stewart’s family when his children were young. He and the kids were holding a little makeshift cupcake sale as a fundraiser outside a no-kill rescue shelter. Someone placed a one-year-old brindle pit bull puppy in Stewart’s lap. Dipper had lost his right leg after being hit by a car — a detail that brought Stewart to tears when he conveyed it. “I thought I’d get further,” he said. Clearly, this dog stole his heart from the moment he laid eyes on him.

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“In a world of good boys, he was the best,” said Stewart. “He was part of the OG Daily Show dog crew. Parker, Quali, Dipper, Riot… they were the OGs in the office. We’d come and tape the show and Dipper would wait for me to be done. And he met actors and authors and presidents and kings.”

Watch Jon Stewart’s eulogy for his dog, Dipper below:

Stewart showed a humorous clip of Dipper scaring one guest, Malala Yousafzai, a Pakistani activist and Nobel Prize laureate, and he seemed to wilt just looking at the video of the dog he’d now lost.

Stewart explained that Dipper was tired and ready to die, but that Stewart himself wasn’t ready to let him go. He added that the whole family was with Dipper in his last moments.

“But boy, my wish for you is one day that you find that dog, that one dog that just… is the best.”

Stewart always ends the show with a “moment of zen,” which is usually a funny clip from the news. But this show’s moment of zen was a short video of Dipper playing fetch in the show. Heartbreaking.

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