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Viewer Spotlight: How your feedback impacts our reporting

Viewers called into our toll-free hotline this week to share their thoughts on everything from storyline phrasing to Scripps News programming.
Viewer Spotlight: How your feedback impacts our reporting
Posted at 2:08 PM, Mar 29, 2024

Scripps News truly appreciate the thousands of calls we get to our toll-free Viewer Hotline. And this week, your feedback to us ran the gamut.

Jeffrey from Montana said, “I’m calling because I’m going to ask Scripps News and its employees to quit referring to Donald Trump as President Donald Trump because he is no longer president. He is a former president, maybe even an ex-president, but he’s not the president…That’s a critical error that you’re making and lying to the American public.”

This is a concern we've heard before and we addressed it a few months ago in a previous Viewer Spotlight segment. 

Our policy here at Scripps News is clear: When referring to former presidents, like Donald Trump or Barack Obama, we use the title of "former president" on first reference, to show respect to the office they once held. For subsequent mentions, our anchors and reporters have the leeway to just use their last name, but in the fast-paced environment of live news, we do sometimes make mistakes.

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The goal is to always correct our error in as close to real time as possible, and your feedback is critical in holding us accountable.  Your feedback also informs what you see each and every day.

Anne from South Carolina said, “I’m calling regarding the new show 'Main & Wall.' I just wanted to say that it’s a good show and I watch it, but I would like to see more stories about from Wall Street. I’d like to know what’s going on that day in the stock market, what’s going on with bonds, and just all the things that go on on Wall Street.”

Launched in January, "Main & Wall" — which airs weekdays at 4 p.m. ET — aims to present you with an understanding of the day's news through an economic lens. We present stories that live at the intersection of Main Street and Wall Street, if you will, and impact the finances of everyday Americans.

Your feedback helps us deliver information in ways that matter to you, so keep it coming.

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Socrates said, “This is truly incredible that you can actually talk to a news station and voice your opinion or what you have to say…Because after all, isn’t it all about the people?”

We happen to agree! Here at Scripps News, your voice matters, and we make decisions every day based on what we hear.

We know you have a lot to say, so tell us what you think about our coverage — good or bad — anytime on our toll-free Scripps News Viewer Hotline. We may even play your call live on air!

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