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US teachers union teams up with GPTZero to detect AI use in homework

The news comes as some U.S. schools have blocked access to ChatGPT due to concerns over students using the platform to cheat.
US teachers union teams up with GPTZero to detect AI use in homework
Posted at 4:35 PM, Oct 18, 2023

The United States’ second-largest teachers union has joined forces with GPTZero and NewsGuard to help educators identify when students use artificial intelligence to do their homework.

The American Federation of Teachers is teaming up with GPTZero, a top AI identification platform, and enhancing its media literacy partnership with NewsGuard, an anti-misinformation tool, to detect the misuse of AI and help students use it effectively.

“As technology evolves and disinformation is a click away, we are constantly trying to help our students separate fact from fiction as we help them develop their critical-thinking and analytical skills. That’s where both of these tools come in,” said AFT President Randi Weingarten in a press release. “AI is a game-changer, but teachers need to be coaches in the game. And in our effort to find real solutions that enhance student learning, it’s just as important that students continue writing original content to build critical-thinking skills and learn to express their thoughts truthfully and coherently, so they’re adequately prepared for opportunities when they enter the world.”

The news comes as some schools across the U.S. have blocked access to the popular artificial intelligence tool ChatGPT, as teachers have expressed concerns over students using the platform to cheat. But AFT says this partnership is not to block students from using it but to teach them how to use it responsibly as AI continues to grow rapidly.

“Working with the AFT, together, we are committed to giving teachers not only the tools but also the frameworks for helping students learn. Recognizing AI is not plagiarism; we are determined to replace the plagiarism framework with a collaborative mindset, where identifying AI becomes the common ground for teachers and students in navigating AI together,” said the CEO of GPTZero, Edward Tian, in a statement.

GPTZero offers tools that allow teachers and students to verify if their work was created by a human and transparently disclose if any AI is being used in their work. The company will also offer workshops so teachers can learn how to best use AI to their benefit.

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