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United raises checked bag fee, following lead of other airlines

Alaska Airlines, JetBlue and American Airlines all raised bag fees this year.
United raises checked bag fee, following lead of other airlines
Posted at 7:13 AM, Feb 26, 2024

United Airlines has raised its checked bag fee by $5. The airline began charging customers the higher price Saturday.

Economy passengers on domestic flights with United will now pay $40 for their first checked bag, or $35 if they pay online at least 24 hours before their flight — an increase of $5 for each option. The cost of a second checked bag bumps up to $50 at the airport, or $45 for those paying in advance.

The price hikes apply to most markets in North America, according to the airline.

Active military personnel and their dependents, MileagePlus Premier members, United Chase credit card holders and passengers traveling in the premium cabin can still check bags for free, says United.

This is the first time the airline has raised baggage fees in four years.

United’s move follows the lead of other airlines that also recently raised costs for baggage.

American Airlines raised its checked bag fees last week. Customers will now pay $40 at the airport, or $35 if they pay in advance online, for their first checked bag on domestic flights. Previously, American charged $30 for both options. The second checked bag fee is $45.

JetBlue also just raised its checked bag fees, charging $45 at the airport and $35 for customers paying at least 24 hours in advance online. The second check bag will cost $60, or $50 in advance.

On Jan. 2, Alaska Airlines started charging $35 for a first checked bag, up from $30, and $45 for a second checked bag, up from $40.

U.S. airlines collected a combined $5.5 billion for checked bags in the first three quarters of 2023, according to the U.S. Bureau of Transportation

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