This Churro Doughnut Filled With Caramel Is Almost Too Gorgeous To Eat

This Churro Doughnut Filled With Caramel Is Almost Too Gorgeous To Eat
Posted at 1:40 PM, Jun 12, 2019
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Even thoughNational Donut Day was technically June 7, we’re firm believers that the holiday should be celebrated each and every day — and apparently, Tim Hortons agrees.

The Canadian coffee and breakfast chain is keeping the celebration going and unofficially declaring National Donut Day to be June 12 — the day it plans on rolling out this churro doughnut filled with caramel.

Yes, churros and caramel.

The company posted about the National Donut Day tribute on Facebook writing, “Happy #NationalDonutDay! To celebrate, we’re launching our NEW Churro Donut at participating restaurants! Caramel on the inside, cinnamon sugar on the outside. Delicious all over”:

As you might imagine, this treat has everything you love about a churro: cinnamon, sugar, and a fried dough base.

But it comes with the added bonus of a caramel filling. And since it comes in the form of a doughnut, it’s perfect when paired with a cup of coffee or a glass of milk.


According to the Tim Hortons website, this delectable treat will be available at select locations. The doughnut won’t be the only new addition to select menus, either. The establishment also said an apple cinnamon muffin and churro Timbits (similar to doughnut holes!) are coming to participating locations to help spice up your morning routine.

Tim Hortons

You can use thelocator on the Tim Hortons website to find a location near you. But if you don’t happen to live near one, Delish reports that the churro doughnut will also be coming to select New York City subway stations (lucky commuters!) and to select theme park locations. So keep your eyes peeled!

Make Your Own Churro Doughnuts

If all else fails, there’s always the option of baking these delicious doughnuts in your own home whenever you please.

This recipe from Oh, Sweet Basil proves that it’s not actually all that hard (maybe even a little too easy, in fact) to make a decadent, caramel-filled churro doughnut in your very own kitchen. And you can use only store-bought ingredients, so no need to make a dough from scratch.

The recipe calls for rich dulce de leche or caramel sauce for the filling, powdered sugar and cinnamon sugar for the topping and last, but not least, a package of Pillsbury Grands biscuit dough for doughnut. You will also need oil for frying on the stovetop.

Once the biscuits are fried and filled with caramel, it’s time to coat them in the cinnamon-sugary topping and devour while warm.

One way or another, you deserve to get your hands on a delicious churro doughnut. So, here’s to making that happen! Enjoy!

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