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Runway near misses and addictive THC | Scripps News Investigates

Scripps News explores the troubling trend in near-miss encounters on U.S. runways and explains the dangers of potent new THC products.
Runway near misses and addictive THC | Scripps News Investigates
Posted at 7:30 PM, Mar 22, 2024

On this episode of Scripps News Investigates: We uncover the troubling rise of runway near misses at U.S. airports, find out why a warning system to prevent disasters was quietly shelved by the FAA and get a firsthand look at the latest runway safety technology — that U.S. carriers are not being required to use.

Then, we investigate the potency of today’s pot and explore how highly addictive legal cannabis may be harming the brains of teenagers.

Runway near misses

A clear warning sign: That’s how the head of the National Transportation Safety Board describes the rise in serious close calls on U.S. runways. These near misses are raising alarms that the aviation industry is under strain. We wanted to know what’s being done to prevent potentially disastrous incidents on the ground. And we were surprised to discover that the FAA quietly killed the development of a cockpit safety system designed to help pilots avoid runway collisions.

The surge in near misses has captured the attention of airlines, regulators and Congress. One of the leading concerns Scripps News heard is that pilots don’t have enough technology to avoid ground collisions. But we discovered runway safety features are already being built into new planes  — they just aren’t being activated because the FAA doesn’t require their use. 

Industrial-strength marijuana

Marijuana is now legal for recreational use in nearly half the country — but we’re learning that today’s marijuana isn’t what it used to be. Legal retailers are making power-packed versions of THC oils, gummies and even sodas that doctors are discovering are highly addictive and capable of causing brain damage in some teens and young adults. 

Scripps News San Diego’s senior investigative reporter Jim Avila digs into the dangers of potent new marijuana products.

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